Washington State Women's SoccerPrintable

Games shall be played in accordance with FIFA Laws except where noted.

Teams must be in uniform for sanctioned league games. Uniforms of identical color shall consist of shorts, socks, shin guards and numbered jersey. Numbers shall be a minimum of six (6) inches higher, of a contrasting color, and shall be placed on the back of the jersey. Each team member shall have a different number. In the event of duplicate colors, the visiting team shall substitute a contrasting color.

Individual additions to the uniform may be permitted if those do not impair the safety of any player on the field or interfere with the distinction of the player's team or position.

Braces must be padded. Hard casts are not allowed.

No slide tackling shall be allowed in the Classic or Golden leagues.

The referee shall allow up to three substitutions by the team in possession of the ball when it is out of play. There may e unlimited substitutions at half time or after a goal is scored.

All members of WSWSA teams will be required to have a Player Identification Card (PIC) prior to participation in any sanctioned league game. An original signed temporary pass is also acceptable. A player who fails to present a PIC upon request will not be allowed to play. Any team which fails to show PICs shall forfeit that game by a score of 1 - 0.

Any player receiving a red card must forfeit her PIC to the referee and a report will be filed. Misconduct reports and PIC will be mailed with the game sheet.

A game will be declared forfeited if a team does not have several players within fifteen (15) minutes of the scheduled kick off time. If a game's starting time is delayed due to late arrival of players, shortened equal halves must be played.

Substitutions are allowed on by either team at ANY stoppage of player, referee discretion.

The league REQUIRES that player cards be checked and collected prior to the start of each game. Arrive in a timely manner to do this.

Time Adjustments:

Wilson #1 and #2 - start time 7:30 PM. MUST start on time. Play 2 x 40 min halves.


Time Adjustments:

Starfire #1, #2, #3, #4 - start time 8:00 PM. MUST start on time. Play 2 x 40 min halves if there is a double header.

9:30 PM game must start on time.

Single game at 8 PM 2 x 45 min. halves.

IF teams are not ready at scheduled time;