Starfire ExtremePrintable

Bob Zipp and Betty Schmeck will be the on site assignors for the Extreme Cup!

Referee head quarters are located in the class room next to Mad Pizza. Parking is free for officials. Tell the attendant you are an official. You may have to show them your referee badge. Bring all long and short sleeve jerseys with you. Our team needs to be dressed the same. Check in at referee headquarters at least 30 minutes prior to kick off! We want you go to the field with your team. If you have back to backs, we will let your other team members know.

Referees will pick up the score card.

End of the game, turn in score card. You will need to complete a match report on the website for payment. Payment should be the following Friday after the tournament.

We will have water available in the referee room, please bring a water bottle to refill.