Federal Way Parks League RulesPrintable

MEN’S SOCCER LEAGUE RULES Revised 2/16/10 F.I.F.A rules are in play with these noted exceptions. The 40+ league is governed by the rule of Age Example: 40+ players must be 40 years old before they play. New Rule: The Men’s 45+ is changing to be a Men’s 46+ league. This league rule states that all players must be 46 years of age or turning 46 in the calendar year 2010. Exceptions: 30+ league teams may have up to 8 players on the roster under 30 years of age until further notice. Each team should make the effort to have a minimum number of players under 30 on the field at any given time. The spirit of the league is 30+ and we will return to the hard rule as the number of 30+ participants increase again. Unlimited substitutions are allowed during any dead ball situation. There will be no slide tackling. Slide tackling will result in an in-direct free kick. Any aggressive slide tackles may be worthy of a red card and a fine will be assessed. A Washington State Player’s Card is required for each player. An original stamped signed temporary card is also accepted though March 19, 2010. Starting March 20, 2010 our leagues will no longer accept temporary cards and this office will no longer issue them. Only valid Washington State Soccer cards will be accepted for all players participating in the leagues. Referees have been instructed to verify age for the various leagues. If a player has an expired card he may play as long as he presents the receipt from the State office for his renewal at the time the referee is checking cards. Any player or coach/manager which receives a red card is automatically ejected from the game and must leave the field vicinity. The offender is automatically disqualified from participation from his team’s next game and must pay a $25.00 red card fine in order to participate again. Two red cards disqualifies players from further participation in the City of Federal Way Parks and Recreation Leagues until a disciplinary hearing is held. Foul and abusive language (profanity) directed toward an individual or used in general is grounds for a red card. Any player or coach/manager who accumulates three yellow cards is automatically suspended from his team’s next game. He must also pay the $25.00 red card fee in order to return. Playing an underage player or a player unable to provide a valid Washington State soccer card constitutes a red card violation. This penalty will be served by the manager or designated team captain if manager is a non player. The opposing manager has the right to question a player’s I.D. The home team is responsible for the game ball, as well as any jersey conflict. The home team is listed second unless otherwise noted. All Rules of the Athletic Policy Guidelines also govern this league and each manager is responsible for knowing the rules. Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse. Managers are responsible for the actions of their team and followers of their team.